Monthly Devotion for May

The month of May is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary

Madonna and Child (Sano di Pietro)

More information and related prayers can be found at Monthly Devotions.

Increase devotion to Our Blessed Mother with the items available at the Sisters’ Shop:

  • Mother Love – This inspiring prayer book, written by Rev. Pius Franciscus, contains a vast assortment of prayers, devotions, and instructions for Christian wives and mothers.  ~ Order/Preview here.
  • Mary of Graces (Music) – Familiar songs in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary sung by the Daughters of Mary with concert orchestra or church organ accompaniment. Twenty selections including: On This Day, Magnificat, Ave MariaBring Flowers of the RarestMother At Your Feet Is Kneeling.  Preview/Order here.
  • Conference: Example of the Blessed Virgin (Audio) – Mother Mary Bosco depicts Our Lady as a model for all women, but especially mothers, as she describes the Blessed Virgin’s daily life and her exemplary response to common tasks and trials. Preview/Order/Download  here.
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