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Dolorosa Newsletters from Father Krug (See archives below current issue):

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Dolorosa Archives:

Dolorosa-May 2020-A Step Back in Time (Conclusion): Maternal Martyrdom
Dolorosa-April 2020-Special Edition: The Defender of God’s People


Dolorosa-December 2019 Christmas Edition: St. Alphonsus Birth of Christ
Dolorosa-November 2019-A Step Back in Time: The Wife of Job
Dolorosa-October 2019-A Step Back in Time: The Prudent Queen
Dolorosa-September 2019-A Step Back in Time: The Peacemaker of Israel
Dolorosa-August 2019-A Step Back in Time: Lent To The Lord
Dolorosa-July 2019-A Step Back in Time: The Patriot of Israel
Dolorosa-June 2019-A Step Back in Time: A Leader Among The Faithful
Dolorosa-May 2019-A Step Back in Time: Filial Fidelity
Dolorosa-April 2019-A Step Back in Time: The Price of Anger
Dolorosa-March 2019-A Step Back in Time: Remember Lot’s Wife
Dolorosa-February 2019-A Step Back in Time: The Woman Who Laughed At God
Dolorosa Special Edition: The Herodian Massacre of Modern Times
Dolorosa-January 2019: A Step Back In Time (Introduction)


Dolorosa-Christmas Edition: The Unsung Saint Of Christmas
Dolorosa-December 2018-The Perfect Effort: I Who Am Your Mother
Dolorosa-November 2018-The Perfect Effort: A Message Of Warning Love And Hope
Dolorosa-October 2018-The Perfect Effort: Our Pillar of Fortitude
Dolorosa Special Edition: A Crusade For Our Time
Dolorosa-September 2018-The Perfect Effort: A Mother’s Tears
Dolorosa-August 2018-The Perfect Effort: A Tale of Two Mothers
Dolorosa-July 2018-The Perfect Effort: Armor of Mary
Dolorosa-June 2018-The Perfect Effort: Our Perpetual Protectress
Dolorosa-May 2018-The Perfect Effort: The Queen’s Privilege
Dolorosa-April 2018-The Perfect Effort: The Sword Removed
Dolorosa-March 2018-The Perfect Effort: The Perfect Fiat
Dolorosa-February 2018-The Perfect Effort: Humble Lady of the Grotto


Dolorosa-Christmas Edition:  The  Season Of Joyful Prep
Fatima – Apparition to Lucia-December 1925
Fatima-Sixth Apparition-October 1917
Fatima-Fifth Apparition-September 1917
Fatima-Fourth Apparition-August 1917
Fatima-Third Apparition-July 1917
Fatima-Second Apparition-June 1917
Fatima – First Apparition – May 1917
Dolorosa Special Edition: Defend Them In Battle
Fatima-Message of Hope: Introduction
Seventh Sorrow-The Burial of Christ
Sixth Sorrow-The Body of Jesus is Placed in Mary’s Arms
Fifth Sorrow-Crucifixion and Death of Jesus
Fourth Sorrow-Meeting of Jesus and Mary
Third Sorrow-Loss of Jesus in Jerusalem
Second Sorrow-The Flight into Egypt
The First Sorrow-Prophecy of Simeon
Dolorosa-Introduction: Sorrowful Passion of BVM