Minute Meditation: God and I

DSCF0041""And I said: Thou shalt call me Father, and shalt not cease to walk after Me" (Jer. III. 19).

God's Goodness In Creation

  We understood that God is perfectly happy in His own joy, but because He is so good, He wished to share His blessings with others; so He made me for Himself. He gave my soul wonderful faculties; by their use I may climb up to the very bosom of God. I can unite myself to Him with love and attain to a blissful union with Him.  Is not this a grand destiny? God made me out of love, for Himself. I may live now in the joys of friendship with Him, and I may bless and love Him in Heaven for all eternity. This truth should be the cause of great thanksgiving in my heart. This truth should inspire and sustain me every day of my life. 


"Thou, O Lord, are our Father, our Redeemer, from everlasting is Thy Name"  (IS. LXIII. 16)

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