Reflection for Holy Week and Our Lady’s Sorrows

Dear Ladies and Friends of the Sodality,

As we commence another Holy Week, it will, for many people, have a different feel to it.  Attendance at the Sacred Triduum in a number of churches will be limited, and many will not have the opportunity to attend in person these glorious rites as they had been accustomed to do in years past.  While this is an unhappy and unfortunate situation, there is nonetheless consolation in the thought that we may never keep a Holy Week in which we can more closely relate to Our Sorrowful Mother than this year.  Like her on that First Holy Thursday, many today are isolated in their homes during a difficult time. Like her after Christ’s death on Calvary, many today do not have the comfort of His Real Presence because in many places Mass is not available publicly due to various government mandates, which are reasonable and prudent for our compliance, or because they must remain isolated.  But, let that not discourage us in our pursuit of heaven. Let us patiently carry these crosses in union with Our Sorrowful Mother that we may, by means of them, merit heavenly glory and be united with her and her Divine Son for all eternity.  It is my hope that the following reflection will assist you in uniting with Our Lady of Sorrows during these difficult days.  God bless you.

In the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart,

Fr. Krug (2020)

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