Minute Meditation: The Good God

DSCF0041"God created man of the earth, and made him after His own image"

The All-Perfect Being

  God is the Being Who is all-perfect.  As man possesses intelligence in memory, understanding and will, so does God.  By thinking of man in his highest form of development, we come to a better knowledge of God. Our study of religion shows us that God has many attributes, each one unlimited in greatness.
  God's beauty is lovely beyond our power to know; His love is boundless, His dignity infinitely majestic.  This great God has three Persons, all-sufficing to one another.  They need nobody else.  They communicate Their love and joy, one to the other, for all eternity.  The Father loves the Son, and the bond of union between Them is the Holy Ghost. 


"Blessed art Thou, O Lord the God of our fathers, and worthy to be praised for ever"  (Daniel III.52)

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