Minute Meditation: Why Did God Make Me?

winter scene"Now therefore fear the Lord, and serve Him with a perfect and most sincere heart" (Jos. XXIV. 14).

     God's Love In Every Gift

  God made me for Himself.  He loved me from all eternity.  He is so good that He wanted to share His joys;  therefore He made me  When I went wrong and spoiled His love-plans for me, He became Man.  He lived a life of penance to earn for me my lost happiness.  Now I am His again. He gives me in the Holy Mass all the graces of Calvary. He feeds my soul in Holy Communion with His own Body and Blood.  He wants me to live in loving friendship with Him.  Since He is the great, beautiful God, why should I not do what He wants?  Therefore, I will live in love for Him.


"O God of hosts, the giver of all good things;  implant in our hearts the love of Thy Name;  make us to grow in fervor;  foster in us that which is good, and,  in Thy loving kindness, of that which Thou fosterest, be Thyself the safeguard"  (Collect-6'th Sunday after Pentecost)

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