Minute Meditation: Why Should I Love God?

winter scene"Glorify the Lord as much as ever you can, for He will yet far exceed, and His magnificence is wonderful…When you exalt Him, put forth all your strength, and be not weary:  for you can never go far enough" (Ecclus. XLIII. 32, 34).

     Being True to God

  I should love God because He is infinitely worthy of my love.  He has every quality in Himself that is most perfect.  Whatever charm we find in creatures is but a glint of the great fulness of God's beauty.  He is pure and holy to a degree that is without measure. 

He has made me with all the interior faculty for loving Him.  My mind and soul are made like His and may communicate with Him everywhere, and this is called prayer.  The grandest people that ever lived on earth have been the Saints.  They knew the truth and they used their lives just as they were to make themselves the friends of God.  Some think they must do extraordinary things.  Saint Berchmans' motto was:  "Do the ordinary things extraordinarily well for God."


"He is all lovely;  such is my Beloved, and He is my Friend"  (Cant. v. 16).

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